Guitar Strum



The main types of strokes of the 84 most used chords in 16 variations each, combined in one playable library – Guitar Strum.

Complete freedom of performance, any harmonies and rhythms.

Built-in rhythm patterns divided by music styles will boost your creative process.

Flexible sound with prepared presets is perfect for any mix.

4 RR layers, perfect dynamics, 4 microphones, total sound control, real doubling mode, 7 type of the chords including power chords…

Forget about searching the most realistic virtual Guitar. NOW YOU HAVE A REAL ONE.
GUITAR STRUM – real studio guitar session in your DAW.

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Library version: 1.1.5
Released: April 10, 2020
Made for: KONTAKT 5.6.8 or higher (not compatible with free KONTAKT PLAYER)

User Manual: DOWNLOAD

4 type of the strokes: down, up, palm mute, strings mute
Additional hits: open strings mute hit (down/up), string tap, body hit (low/hi)
Built-in strum patterns divided by music styles
Chord select by keyswitch
4 Round Robin layers




Built-in sound presets
4 fader mixer: triple condensed microphone (mid/side channels), stereo pair of dynamic microphone, piezo sensor.
3 band EQ
Reverb send


8399 samples (NCW Compression)
44.1kHz / 24bit, stereo
Total samples size: 10,4 Gb





Product type: Sample Library for KONTAKT
For use with: Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.8.0 or higher required / Not compatible with free Kontakt Player
Download size: 9.8 GB
CPU: Minimum: Intel Core i3 or equivalent CPU. Intel Core i5 or equivalent is recommended.
RAM: 4 GB of RAM or more is recommended
Data Storage: SSD (solid-state drive) is highly recommended

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Guitar Strum