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First plugin in our new "Play Collection" of Free VST/AU instruments


Small library of sampled authentic jew's harp


Play Your power chords riffs like a real guitar. Get Your POWER now!


The core of the library is natural guitar harmonics recorded on a classic stratocaster.


Add epicness to your tracks with an incredibly powerful set of cinematic drums


Acoustic rhythm guitar where the chords are not programmed, but sampled entirely


One of the most popular ukulele Kontakt library, it's sound is the reason


Plunge into the neon world of the 80s with the most popular sounds and instruments of the time


The first backing vocals library for indie pop and rock tracks

Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $49.00.

Large set of orchestral percussion for trailers and soundtracks


If you want to find the sound of truly funky keys, you've found it.


A versatile piano that will sound great in any mix