Epic Percussion 3



EPIC PERCUSSION 3 – is a brand new cinematic percussion instrument.
Epic Percussion 3 includes 3 drum kits and 17 solo percussion instruments.
A new sound source position control system allows you to move any of the instruments within the stage space.

Complete sound control, a new “Epicness knob” algorithm that allows to mix additional samples, 3 microphone positions and built-in effects.

560 built-in rhythm loops for the fastest arrangement of rhythm sections.

Optimized user interface for intuitive access to all instrument functions.

EPIC PERCUSSION 3 – is all you need for your new soundtrack.


20 Instrument patches
Made for KONTAKT 5.8.0 or higher (not compatible with free KONTAKT PLAYER)

  • 3 Drum kits
  • 17 Single percussion section

Built-in 560 midi rhithm loops with auto time-stretch
Mic’s position control for each instrument
3 microphone positions Close / Room / Hall
Built-in EPICNESS knob: allows to mix additional synthesized percussion samples for more agressive sound


Please view the patch list in the “Features” tab

Round Robin:

Main recorded samples: 8 layers
Additional synthesized percussion: 4 layers


7934 WAV format samples
44.1kHz / 24bit, stereo
4 RR Layers
Total samples size: 10222 mb.

Epicness knob” algorithm makes the library perfect for classic orchestral soundtracks as well as for modern aggressive trailers. Just one button allows you to change instrument sound from pure acoustic to hybrid and synthetic sound. Samples mixing with the original sound source are specific for every patch.

Virtual stage makes it easy to arrange instruments used in the mix. Just one mouse movement allows you to move the toms closer to the listener or remove high percussion to the far corner of the stage. Also, distance and panorama parameters can be automatized, what can be useful for trailer music composing. For example, the drama effect could be strengthen by reducing the distan

Built-in rhythm loops make it faster to outline the rhythm section of your tracks without being distracted from the main idea. We understand how important it is not to lose inspiration and make sketch as quickly as possible.

Patch list:

Patch Name Included Instruments
Marching KIT Bass Drum
Marching Drums
Steel Drums
Hand Drums
Epic KIT Massive Kick
Taiko Ensemble
Epic Toms
Snare Ensemble
Ethnic KIT Nagado
Oriental Percussion
African Drums
Patch Name Type of the hits
Bass Drum Center hit
Side hit
Massive Kick Center hit (24″ kick)
Center hit (28″ kick)
Taiko Ensemble Center hit (Odaiko solo)
Center hit (Nagado solo)
Full Ensemble Sticks
Full Ensemble center hit
Huge hit
Epic Toms Center hit (14″ toms)
Center hit (16″ toms)
Marching Drums Full ensemble hit
Snares hit
Mid Mass Center hit (10″ toms)
Center hit (13″ toms)
Snare Ensemble Center hit
Rim shot
Steel Drums Center hit
Rim shot
African Drums Low hit
Center hit
Rim shot
Body hit
Oriental Percussion Center hit
Rim shot
Cuban Drums Low hit
Muted low hit
Hi hit
Muted hi hit
Body hit
Ceramic Drums Center hit (10″ ceramic darbuka)
Center hit (7″ ceramic darbuka)
Center hit (5″ ceramic darbuka)
Ceramic Doumbek center hit
Ceramic Doumbek side hit
Ceramic Doumbek rim shot
Sticks Low wood block
Hi wood block
Bamboo sticks
Snares rim stick hit
Wooden sticks
Tambourines Concert Tambourine (center/side/shake)
Small Tambourine (center/side/shake)
Shakers Wooden shaker
Metall shaker
Concert shaker
Hand made shaker
Cymbals 21″ cymbal hit
21″ cymbal bell hit
18″ cymbal hit
18″ cymbal bell hit
16″ cymbal hit
16″ cymbal bell hit
16″ cymbal side stick hit
13″ cymbal hit
13″ cymbal bell hit
16″ symphonic cymbal pair hits
Bells Big bell hits
Steel hit
Glass bell hits





Product type: Sample Library for KONTAKT
For use with: Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.8.0 or higher required / Not compatible with free Kontakt Player
Download size: 4.83 Gb
CPU: Minimum: Intel Core i3 or equivalent CPU. Intel Core i5 or equivalent is recommended.
RAM: 4 GB of RAM or more is recommended
Data Storage: SSD (solid-state drive) is highly recommended

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Epic Percussion 3