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We are pleased to introduce you to the first instrument from our new collection of free VST / AU plugins – Djembe.

Djembe is one of the most popular ethnic percussion instruments. For recording we used a 10-inch handmade mahogany djembe with a genuine leather membrane.

We recorded 3 microphone positions to maximum sound flexibility: The main condenser microphone capturing the vibrant membrane sounds, a dynamic microphone positioned opposite from the djembe’s resonator for depth, and condenser stereo pair for recording room’s acoustics

Each of the articulations (Bass tone, Open tone, Slap tone, Flam, Mute and Roll) is recorded in 4 levels of velocity and 5 layers of round robin.

We hope you enjoy this instrument and may it inspire you to create incredible new tracks! 🙂

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Version: 2.0.1
Released: April 9, 2024
Made for: Windows 7 or newer / MacOS 10.14 or newer
Plugin Formats: VST3, AU, Standalone App


6 types of articulations: Bass tone, Open tone, Slap tone, Flam, Mute and Roll
Velocity: 4 layers
Round Robin 5 layers


3 fader mixer: Top (membrane) mic, Resonator mic, Room stereo pair.
Reverb send
Reverb size


285 WAV samples (HR Compression)
44.1kHz / 24bit, stereo
Total samples size: 98,9 Mb





Operating system: Windows 7 or newer / MacOS 10.14 or newer
For use with: Plugin host that supports VST3 or AU (AAX (Pro Tools) is not supported). Standalone mode (App) is also available.
Download size: MacOS: 61,2mb / Windows: 24,5mb
CPU: Intel / AMD / Apple Silicon Native
RAM: 2 GB of RAM or more is recommended
Data Storage: SSD (solid-state drive) is recommended

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